Stockton Springs Community Library

The mission of Stockton Springs Community Library (SSCL) is:

1. To create educational and historical resources for people of all ages in Stockton Springs and surrounding communities.
2. To promote and encourage reading for pleasure and learning.
3. To enrich lives by offering a constantly updated, high quality collection of variety print and non-print materials in an organized, inclusive, friendly environment.

Our library is qualified as an educational organization because we offer educational opportunities through our different collections, computers, and programs (adult and children) throughout the year.

Colcord House Joseph W. Thompson, who built the Fort Point Hotel, probably built the house, as well as several others in Stockton, in the mid to late 19th century. Thompson held many public offices in Maine. He lived in the house until his death in 1891. His widow sold the house to Capt. Melvin E. Colcord. Colcord spent forty years at sea. He sailed as master of the schooner David Babcock and the bark Isaac Hall. Colcord also ran a ferry service in Stockton Harbor. The last Colcord resident to live in the house was Elaine Colcord Ward. The Stockton Springs Historical Society acquired the building in 1999 and volunteers have been restoring the house since then. The Historical Society shares the building with the Stockton Springs Community Library.

The Colcord House now holds the town’s free public library, the historic museum, and offers meeting room space for a variety of community activities.

Basil Staples, a life-long Stockton Springs resident, always hoped that some day his hometown would have a free, public library. In his retirement, he decided to bring his dream to fruition. Not one to let the lack of financial backing prevent his dream from becoming a reality, Basil came up with the idea of starting a “Bottles for Books” campaign to fund the Library’s purchase of books and videos. Since its inception in 2001, Bottles to Books has generated over $80,000 thanks to the generosity of many local friends of the Library who donate their refundable bottles and cans to ensure new items are continually being added to the Library holdings.

Along with Basil and his wife Mary, a retired local school teacher who was also the first Library Director, a great many dedicated and hard working volunteers have joined together over the years to create and maintain the little gem that is Stockton Springs Community Library.

During the 2010 National LIbrary Week, WBLZ2 TV came to Stockton Springs to interview Basil Staples, Pat Curley, and Janice Capano. The interview was aired on WBLZ2 TV on April 6, 2010.

On June 27, 2013 SSCL celebrated a milestone in the Bottles for Books program by reaching the $70,000 mark (1.4 million bottles). All proceeds from this funding source goes into purchasing books and movies for the community. See WABI-TV's coverage on their website.

SSCL is an independent not-for-profit 501c3 organization. The Library requests some financial assistance from the Town of Stockton Springs during the annual budgeting process. Town residents have voted each year to give the Library a donation that helps cover some of the library's operating expenses.

SSCL Endowment Fund at Maine Community Foundation
SSCL kicked off its first Endowment Fund Drive on November 1, 2013. Stockton Springs Community Library's patrons and friends have continued to contribute generously and it was recently announced (Spring of 2015) that the library had raised enough money to create an endowment fund at the Maine Community Foundation.

“The foundation has an excellent track record of managing funds for nonprofit organizations,” said Pat Curley, director of the library. “This service allows us to focus more on our mission,” Curley said.

The community foundation manages more than 200 nonprofit agency funds of different sizes from across state. “Maine relies on the critical work done by its nonprofits,” said Meredith Jones, the community foundation’s president and CEO. “Managing their endowments and other long-term funds is one way we can help them to grow and prosper.”

Through its diversified primary investment portfolio, the Maine Community Foundation offers nonprofit organizations access to institutional investment strategies and management normally available only to large investors. The foundation employs multiple professional investment managers with experience in specialized sectors of the investment markets. MFC

The Maine Community Foundation has been partnering with donors and nonprofits to build strong communities in Maine since 1983. More information about the community foundation can be found at or by calling 1-877-700-6800.

The Library is thankful for all donations, large or small, from our donors. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please mail your tax-deductible donation to SSCL, PO Box 293, Stockton Springs, ME 04981. Click here to download a printable donation form. If you wish to discuss making a donation directly to the SSCL Endowment Fund, or are interested in knowing more about the library's plans for the future, please call the library at 207-567-4147 or email us at and one of our Directors or Trustees willbe happy to contact you. Bottles4Books

Bottles for Books.Since its inception, the biggest funding the Library has until now, other than the Town of Stockton Springs donation and various grant application awards, is the Bottles for Books campaign, which raises about $6,000 every year to buy library materials such as books and movies. The Library collects REFUNDABLE bottles and cans in the wagon outside the front door of the Library. The refundables are carted weekly to the Bucksport Redemption Center and turned into cash to buy books and videos. Donors can also take their Refundables directly to the Bucksport Redemption Center and ask for their redemptions be applied to the Stockton Springs Community Library account. Stockton Springs Community LIbrary's Bottles for Books Drive was recently highlighted in the Natural Resources Council of Maine's Product Stewardship publication.

Annual Book, Bake and Plant Sale takes place the first Saturday in June, from 9 am to 3 pm - Rain or Shine! Donations of books, baked goods/home made meals, and plants welcome prior to the event.

Book and Video Donations. Donations of new or lightly used books, DVD audiobooks and videos are welcome. The Library reserves the right to refuse any book or video that is in poor condition.  Year round you can find a select number of books and videos in the library entry hall that are available for purchase year-round at a nominal cost.

Cash Donations. The Library greatly appreciates any cash donation, large or small. We have a donation box, that was made by a volunteer, at the Circulation Desk for your convenience.


SSCL Board of Directors and Trustees
President: Robbie Pendleton
Vice President: Basil Staples
Treasurer: Pat Curley
Secretary: Tom Lane
Library Director: Pat Curley
Trustees: Debbie Harris, Susan Henkel, Judy O’Neal,

One the pleasures in visiting the Stockton Springs Community Library is opportunity to walk along the perennial flower gardens, lovingly dontated, planted and cared for by volunteers. library garden


Thank you to our volunteers and donors!

Stockton Springs Community Library is governed and operated by a staff of dedicated volunteers.The Trustees and Directors would like to thank everyone who has provided such generous support. We appreciate your patronage, donations, volunteerism, and community spirit. If you would like to join SSCL in a volunteer capacity please stop by the library during open hours or send an email to to discuss how you can help.Our monthly Board Meetings are open to the public and we'd love to have you join us then.

SSCL Volunteer Honorees
2014 - Susan Henkel and Judy Oneal
2013 - Cathy Melio and Dana Leighton
2013 - Buffy Parker and Spiros Polemis
2012 - Paulina Joyce
2011 - George Tsetsilas
2009 - Robbie Pendleton
2009 - Debbie Harris
2009 - Janice Capano
2008 - Pat Curley
2008 - Hester Brooks
2007 - Becky Ames
2006 - Basil Staples
2006 - Mary Staples
2005 - Ed Colcord
2004 - Peter Richardson
2004 - David Field
2003 - Flora McMannis

Library contact information:
Library email -
Phone: (207) 567-4147
Mail: SSCL, PO Box 293, Stockton Springs, ME 04981

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